OCZ announces enthusiast DDR3 memory

  • Sunnyvale (CA) – OCZ introduced a new enthusiast memory module for use in Intel P35 and upcoming X38 motherboards.

    The PC3-10666 Platinum Edition runs at 1333 MHz and is rated at CL7-7-7 timings. OCZ said it will be offering the memory in 2 x 512 MB and 2 x 1024 MB dual channel kits.

    Pricing has not been announced, but we expect street prices to be competitive with currently available DDR3 memory on the market.

    Corsair and Kingston appear to be the only companies to have shipped DDR3 devices into the market so far, with 512 MB modules (1066 MHz) being priced around $150, 1 GB devices and kits (1066 to 1375 MHz) at $250 and 2 GB packages around $500.