Microsoft dumps Digital Image software

  • Redmond (WA) - Microsoft's answer to Adobe Photoshop Elements has been axed, mainly because all of the features it offered are integrated into Windows Vista.

    The Digital Image software, which was first introduced in 2002, was available in Standard, Suite, and Suite Plus packages.  For the most part the application offered basic photo editing tools, with Suite Plus also incorporating video editing.

    The software was no match for Adobe's more well-known selection of Photoshop packages, causing Digital Image to become somewhat obsolete.

    Microsoft says the reason it's being discontinued is because its newest operating system, Windows Vista, incorporates all of Digital Image's tools as part of the OS's set of pre-installed software.

    Digital Image software packages will continue to be sold at retail outlets until existing stock is gone.  Microsoft says it will offer product support for the title for the standard three years from the date of purchase, but will cease all support after April 30, 2010.