Intel retires all but one entry-level Netburst processors

  • Chicago (IL) – Intel has begun phasing out four Celeron D desktop processors based on the 65 nm Cedar Mill core.

    According to an announcement provided to system builders, Intel will be removing four of the five remaining Celeron 300-series processors based on the Netburst architecture from its portfolio. Customers will be able to order 347 (3.06 GHz), 356 (3.33 GHz), 350 (3.46 GHz) and 365 (3.60 GHz) models until October 7 of this year, with last retail product shipments being scheduled for January 4, 2008 (tray processor will ship until June 13, 2008).   

    This latest moves leaves only one Netburst Celeron D processor in Intel’s product portfolio. A total of nine 300-series CPUs were put of life support during recent weeks; the 352 model (3.2 GHz, FSB533, 512 KB L2 cache) is the only processor not being phased out at this time, according to Intel’s product change notification database.