Adobe gives Apollo a breath of fresh AIR

  • San Jose (CA) – Apollo today announced several new features for “Apollo,” an application runtime that aims to provide a software bridge between operating systems, and introduced the brand name for the technology: AIR.

    AIR stands for Adobe Integrated Runtime and promises developers a new way to create dynamic content that reaches from the Internet to the desktop using HTML/CSS, Ajax, Flash and Flex authoring and coding environments. AIR is available as a beta download now and offers an embedded database (SQLite), support for PDF documents, extensions for Javascript, a tool that publishes Dreamweaver projects as AIR applications and an improved integration with Flex, Adobe said.

    According to the company AIR enables developers incorporate PDF by leveraging the functionality of the Adobe Reader 8.1. As a result, PDF documents in AIR applications will offer a similar look and feel as documents that are viewed in a browser window. The new database, apparently one of the most requested features for Apollo, offers “large data capacity and full text search,” Adobe said.

    SQLite, the WebKit HTML engine and the ActionScript virtual machine are released as open source. Adobe recently said that it also plans to publish the source of Flex as well.

    AIR beta can be downloaded from Adobe’s Labs website.