Intel mobile devices to get Peppered with Linux support

  • Lexington (MA) - Pepper Computer announced this week that it will launch Pepper Linux for mobile Internet devices to OEMs later this year.

    Pepper Linux, which is targeted at the mass consumer market, will offer special mobile features, such as new user interfaces optimized for small screens, an automated Wi-Fi configuration tool, and power management to conserve battery power.

    Pepper Linux for MIDs (mobile Internet devices) will also have built-in malware protection, licensed audio/video codecs, and flash memory or disk footprint of under 500 MB.

    "Mobile Internet Devices is an exciting emerging category.  Linux is well-suited to meet the requirements for MIDs from a
    footprint, power, and responsiveness perspective," said Intel ecosystem director Pankaj Kedia.  The new platform, which will be available only for Intel-powered devices, will begin shipping to OEMs and ODMs this fall.

    Pepper is also the creator of the Pepper Pad, a media-centric ultra mobile PC (UMPC) that is currently in its third generation.  It's one of the most affordable UMPCs in the market, priced at around $700.