Symantec puts out Norton AntiBot beta

  • Cupertino (CA) - Symantec has released a free beta version of Norton AntiBot, a behavior-based malware protection software designed to work as a supplement to existing antivirus protection.

    Instead of focusing on rigid computer scans and registry updates, AntiBot focuses on the dynamic behavior of a program to see if anything suspicious occurs during normal operation that could trigger a potential attack, reports PC World.

    The program makes use of the company's Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response (SONAR) technology that it announced earlier this year.

    The main purpose of AntiBot is to protect computers from being hijacked and controlled or monitored remotely.  This includes bots, keystroke logging, and spyware.  By keeping constant track of applications and their connection to the Internet, Symantec says it can offer better preemptive support than most other antivirus (AV) programs.

    However, it's not meant to replace AV software, since it doesn't offer all the features that are seen in other antivirus products from Symantec and others.

    Users can download the beta for free from Symantec's website