Apple sends Boot Camp to 1.3 beta

  • Cupertino (CA) - Apple has updated its Boot Camp software to a beta test of version 1.3, adding new MacBook Pro support, updating graphics drivers, and more to the Mac-powered Windows application.

    Boot Camp is a software program for Intel-powered Mac OS X computers that allows users to partition their hard drives and run Apple's proprietary operating system alongside Microsoft's Windows.

    The new update is arguably less critical than the three before it.  No major changes are seen in version 1.3, and instead just adds minor performance tweaks.

    Boot Camp 1.3 adds support for keyboard backlighting on MacBook Pros, increases functionality with the Apple Remote (for Apple TV and Windows Media Player controls), and updates graphic drivers.  Additionally, there's increased support for international keyboards and an improved Boot Camp installation process, as well as a few localization changes.

    Existing Boot Camp users can update their software by downloading the new version from Apple's website, which will download over the existing software without the need to re-install everything.

    The software requires Mac OS X 10.4.6 or later, 10 GB of hard disk space, and the Home or Professional version of Windows XP Service Pack 2, or any version of Windows Vista.