Computex Day 3 Slideshows: SSDs, wood laptops and quad-core SFF PCs

  • Taipei TAIWAN – This year’s Computex technology convention in Taipei is proving to be the year of the flash drive with several companies offering SSDs, DDR3 and huge flash sticks.  1 and 2 GB memory is quickly becoming eclipsed by monstrous 8 and 16 GB models.


    Asus showed off several wooden laptops along with their Aquatank watercooler that they claim will cool GPUs by up to 10 degrees Celcius.

    Shuttle comes back from the brink of death with several new models and showed us a small factor box running an Intel quad-core CPU.

    Just when you think enthusiast case makers had taken everything to the limit, Thermaltake showed us their new SwordM chassis which has 3 pneumatic rods to help lift and push the top and side panels.  If things get too hot, the customer can simply pull the top of the case open.