Office Live Meeting 2007 pushed up to June

  • Redmond (WA) - Microsoft will launch the latest installment in its video conferencing software this month, adding support for virtual 360 degree conference rooms.

    The new software actually makes its way to retail sooner than expected, with a previously announced release date of fall 2007.

    The most notable addition to the 2007 version of Live Meeting is Microsoft's "RoundTable" technology, which shows a panoramic 360-degree video to create a virtual conference room with real-time video of all participants.

    Among the other enhancements for the new version are a redesigned user interface, extensive meeting archival options, and the ability to add Flash audio/video to presentations.

    Existing Live Office users can download a free trial of the 2007 version now, in anticipation of the full version that will come out later this month.