Kingston brings out DDR3 memory

  • Fountain Valley (CA) - Kingston Technology announced today that it has begun shipping HyperX 1375 MHz and ValueRAM 1066 MHz DD3 SDRAM modules, marked as the company's most advanced memory yet.

    The new modules, which are being shown off at Computex, use the new DDR3 technology, a successor to the long-running DDR2 memory.  According to Kingston, the new technology is twice as fast as any current DDR2 product.

    DDR3 also uses less power, claims Kingston.  The HyperX modules consume about 1.7v, with ValueRAM at 1.5v.  DDR modules use about 1.8v.

    The HyperX 1375 MHz DDR3 modules are priced from around $135 to $520, with ValueRAM 1066 MHz DDR3 modules at about $115 to $445.

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