Pretec demonstrates 64 GB solid state disk

  • Taipei (Taiwan) – Pretec is the latest company to jump on the SSD train: The company has a 400x flash drive on display and claims that it is the fastest SSD in the world.

    Pretec says that the 400X SSD series will be offered in 2.5” and 1.8” form factors and read and write speeds of 63 MB/s and 36 MB/s, respectively, for the IDE version and 68 MB/s and 40 MB/s for the SATA model.

    According to Pretec, the IDE SSD offers more than twice the speed of “most IDE flash disks available in the market today.” However, there are SSD with nearly identical speeds available – for example Sandisk’s 32 GB SSD, which is rated at a sustained data read rate of 67 MB/s.

    Pretec is sampling 400x SSDs at this time and expects to increase the capacity of the drives from currently 64 GB to 128 GB in the second half of the year. Mass production of the drives is expected to begin in Q3.