Lacie announces 2 TB home NAS

  • Portland (OR) – Lacie will soon begin offering a new version of its Ethernet Big Disk with a storage capacity of 2 TB.

    The home storage device integrates two 3.5” 1 TB hard drives in a 2”x7”x11” form factor allowing users to build a massive library of digital content. The new Ethernet Big Disk provides enough space for 2000 standard definition movies, almost 750,000 5-megapixel pictures or almost half a million MP3 music tracks. There’s even enough space to store the content of 40 50 GB Blu-ray discs.

    When connected to a home network, the Ethernet Big Disk can stream multimedia content to multiple UPnP-compatible AV adapters, Lacie said. According to the company, the device is designed to be a shared central repository over Ethernet or as a personal hard drive off-network over USB. The device’s second USB port can be used to expand capacity over the network by connecting an additional hard drive.  

    The Ethernet Big Disk 2TB is expected to be available within a few days for about $1100.