Bill Gates: 40 million Vista copies sold

  • Los Angeles (CA) - Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates gave his last keynote at the WinHEC conference earlier this morning and outlined the success of the Windows Vista operating system.  He told the audience of programmers and hardware engineers that Vista sales were “beyond our expectations” and outlined some key features of the upcoming Windows Home Server and the renamed Longhorn Windows Server 2008.

    Gates said that the Vista operating system has been adopted twice as fast as Windows XP.  “As of last week, we’ve had nearly 40 million copies sold,” said Gates, but it’s unclear if Vista coupons were counted in the figure.  He also showed off a video that highlighted their tremendous “WOW” public relations campaign leading up to the January launch.  Apparently the crowd wasn’t too impressed because there were several seconds of complete and awkward silence after the video completed.

    Windows Home Server was introduced back at CES, but Microsoft has fleshed out some more features.  Microsoft employees demonstrated streaming high definition video and the easy set up wireless networks.  They even connected a wireless camera and digital picture frame in about five minutes.

    Next up was the newly named Windows Server 2008 which was the old “Longhorn” server.  Another employee showed off some cool security features which can block out computers from the network if their virus or malware isn’t up to date.  You can also block employees from inserting unauthorized USB flash drives.

    According to Microsoft, this will be Bill Gates' last keynote at WinHEC.