Sun releases JavaFX as scripting language for consumer electronics

  • San Francisco (CA) - Java is making its way deeper into the consumer electronics space as Sun pitches a new scripting language as application platform for devices ranging from mobile phones to Blu-ray players as well as web browsers.

    According to the company, JavaFX Script represents the first of a series Sun content authoring products that aim to attract the attention of designers, authors and developers. Specifically, JavaFX promises to simplify the creation of “rich content.” Software developed with JavaFX will run in web browsers, under any JavaSE platform as well as under JavaFX Mobile, a new Java foundation for mobile devices.

    Sun said that JavaFX Script is built on a “simple and intuitive” language design that requires developers to write less code and accelerate development cycles. Over time, Sun promises to extend the JavaFX family with content tools, widgets and other components.

    The Alpha version is planned to be released today and will be made available under an open source license.