Q1 2007 malware summarized in report

  • Boston (MA) - Internet security specialist Sophos has released a report on the rise of malware in the first quarter of 2007.  The number of malware applications and sites has more than doubled from last year, says Sophos.

    More than 23,800 threats popped up since this time last year, with Troj/Fujif accounting more more than half of all website-hosted malware families.  According to Sophos, nearly 42% of these malicious sites were hosted in China.

    The security firm says the rise in malware comes as a direct correlation to a decline in e-mail-based malware.  Stronger filters have resulted in less junk mail, and is now easier for computer users to spot.  E-mail malware now counting for less than one half of one percent of all e-mail.  Last year at this time, that number was 1.3%.

    The United States was the second most active country in hosting malware, claiming 29.2% of all affected sites.