IDF: Sun preps first Intel-based servers

  • Beijing (China) – Intel and Sun demonstrated a Xeon 5100-based server running Sun’s Solaris operating system.      

    The collaboration between Intel and Sun will bear fruit in the not too distant future: Intel invited Sun to join the stage at the currently held IDF in Beijing and demonstrate a first Sun server that is based on an Intel product. There were few details available; the companies limited the information to a Xeon 5100 (Woodcrest core) system that was using Intel’s Dynamic Power technology.

    While the demonstration is significant for the industry as Sun and Intel never have been what we would call friends, Sun decided to ignore the event in the U.S. and not to release any extra information. A company representative told TG Daily that the demonstration was just a showcase of products that are in the works. More information would be provided when Sun is actually ready to announce Intel-based products.

    In January of this year, Sun announced that it will be offering a “complete line” of Intel-based 1P, 2P, 4P and 8P servers. First systems are expected to debut towards the end of the first half of this year.