HD video playback and recording added to Nero

  • Las Vegas (NV) - Nero is updating its Nero 7 Ultra Edition Enhanced to include high-definition video playback and recording.  The updated version will include AVCHD and Blu-ray playback, capturing and authoring.  A future plug-in will also allow HD-DVD playback.

    Perhaps the most interesting feature will be the support of the AVCHD codec which is used in some of the newer Sony and Panasonic camcorders.  Nero will now be able to capture the MPEG-4 AVC stream from camcorders and will be able to author 1080p video to burnable DVDs, Memory Sticks, SD cards and even Blu-ray disc players.

    Users will also be able to transfer captured HDV and DV video straight from the camcorder to Blu-ray disc without transcoding.  This potentially will save hours of time for some video enthusiasts.  

    Nero 7 Ultra Edition Enhanced is currently available for $100 retail and $80 as a download from www.nero.com.  Current owners can upgrade with a free download.  The HD-DVD plug-in costs $25.

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