Art Lebedev publishes animation of LED keys

  • Chicago (IL) – If you are following the development of Art Lebedev’s OLED keyboard, then here is a new piece of information. The company published a brief animation that shows four OLED keys from different viewing angles.

    No, before you get excited, let us say that the animation does not actually show how keys are pressed and these are not even real, but rather simulated keys. However, you can get a better idea of the final keys: While the OLEDs, which are built into every key, do not move, the transparent “cap” of a key will be pressed.

    Art Lebedev said that it has received key samples for testing. The actual cap moves about 3 mm and “it doesn't feel illogical that the display stays.”

    The actual shipment date has not been revealed, but the company most recently said that the Optimus Maximus keyboard “should be shipping by the time [CES] starts in Las Vegas in January 2008.”