Microsoft issues updated Animated Cursor patch because of DLL problems

  • Redmond (WA) - Microsoft has released an updated version of its MS07-017 patch that fixes some incompatibility problems with the animated cursor vulnerability patch.  Early installers of the original patch that was issued on Tuesday reported seeing error messages with their Realtek HD Audio Control panel.

    Some Realtek users were receiving error messages saying, “Illegal System DLL Relocation” upon bootup.  Microsoft says the message pops up because the user32.dll and the hhctrl.ocx files have the same memory address after the patch.

    In addition to Realtek, users of three lesser known programs could be affected.  Those programs are ElsterFormular, TUGZip and CD-Tag.  Microsoft says it could add more programs to the list if users report more problems.

    You can download the update patch here.

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