Intel quietly launches first Core 2 Duo ULV processors

  • Santa Clara (CA) – Intel has added two ultra low voltage versions of its Core 2 Duo processor with Merom core to its product portfolio.

    The new processors, the 1.06 GHz U7500 and the 1.2 GHz U7600, are based on the Core 2 Duo processor with 533 MHZ FSB and 2 MB L2 cache. However, the dual-core is rated at a thermal design power of 10 watts and will be targeting mini notebooks, tabl;et PCs and ultra-portable notebooks.

    The U7500 and U7600 are introduced as part of the currently shipping “Napa refresh” platform, but will also be available for the upcoming Santa Rosa platform with a slight change in pinout (Santa Rosa processors use a P pinout instead of the M pinout of the Napa refresh processors.) The new Merom ULV CPUs will be replacing the Core Duo U2500 processor over the coming months.

    One of the first manufacturers offering the U7500/U7600 will be Gateway who said that its E-100M notebook will be available with the two processors beginning on May 3 of this year.