China replaces U.S. as top malware country, says Sophos

  • Chicago (IL) – Following a continuous increase in malware over the past months, China is now listed by Sophos as the leading malware country. According to the security software firm, 35.6% of the malware now originates from China.

    The U.S. still maintained a solid second position in the ranking, accounting for 32.3% of malware, followed by Germany with 7.5% and the UK with 5.5%. Russia rounds out the top 5 with 4.6%.

    The most frequent malware threat in March 2007 was the Netsky family of worms with a share of 32.7%. Mytob was a close second with 30.4%. Sality and MyDoom came in with 7.8% and 5.2%, respectively.