MLB pitches video highlights to iTunes

  • Cupertino (CA) - Apple today announced that video highlights of the 2007 Major League Baseball (MLB) season will be heading to the iTunes digital store.  The new videos will include a daily wrap-up, videos of designated "games of the weeK", and season pass offers for both.

    The 25-minute "Daily Rewind" will include video clips and analysis.  Each episode will run for the standard $1.99 price, or a discounted pack of every show in a month for about $8.  

    In addition, the MLB will add entire videos of two selected games every week.  These will also be available at $1.99 each, or users can sign up to get every one in the season for around $20.

    Alongside the new MLB offerings, the baseball league will be uploading classic episodes of its series "Baseball's Best" for $1.99 each.