AnyDVD HD now copies Blu-ray discs, too

  • St. John’s (Antigua) – Slysoft claims to have bypassed virtually any copy protection technology that is integrated in the high-definition disc formats HD DVD and Blu-ray. Following the previously announced HD DVD ripper, the software now also supports Blu-ray discs and allows you to play both formats on computers without HDCP chips.

    Protection of high-definition content is a very sensitive topic, as movie studios and distributors are banking on it to grow revenues over the next couple of years. If Slysoft’s claims are true, the copy protection in HD DVD and Blu-ray is virtually gone, enabling users to playback and copy HD media on any PC with a Blu-ray or HD DVD drive.

    The latest version of AnyDVD HD provides fewer features than what is offered for HD DVD, but is powerful enough to raise additional concerns in Hollywood. The software removes encryption (AACS) from Blu-ray discs, removes region codes and includes a UDF 2.5 file ripper, which means that users do not have to install a third party UDF 2.5 file system under Windows XP. For HD DVD, the software also removes general user prohibitions and parental controls, allows user to skip certain introduction screens and re-master commercial movie discs using XML scripts.
    For both formats, AnyDVD HD bypasses the requirement for HDCP chips in various components of a PC. Typically, a Blu-ray or HD DVD movie can only be played on a PC that integrates a HDCP equipped Blu-ray or HD DVD drive, as well as a monitor and graphics card that have HDCP chips. In some cases, this requirement could translate into unexpected and substantial costs – especially for users who want to upgrade an older dual-core PC to HD capability.  

    Slysoft says that AnyDVD HD has a minimum requirement of a 2 GHz Pentium-class PC with 512 MB of memory and 2 MB of hard disk space. The minimum operating system requirement is Windows 98, while the software needs at least Windows 2000 to copy HD DVD and Blu-ray discs.

    Slysoft sells the AnyDVD HD feature as a $30 option for the regular AnyDVD, which sells for $49.