90% of emails could be spam by the end of the year

  • Culver City (CA) - A vast majority of your emails could be spam by the end of the year. The Threat Research and Content Engineering Team of European-based Marshal company says a new Asian botnet is spewing spam at an alarming rate.

    Since October 2006, the botnet has accounted for a 280% increase in spam traffic and the company says 90% of your emails will be spam by the end of the year. "If the current increases in spam volumes continue in 2007, users can expect at least 90 per cent of all emails received to be spam by the end of the year," said Bradley Anstis, Director of Product Management for Marshal.

    According to Marshal, spam levels are currently hovering at around 85% of all incoming emails. This probably will not surprise most IT managers who have to spend hours every week tweaking filters to stop the flood of spam emails. Some companies have reported that 95 to 99% of their incoming emails are spam.

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