Symantec announces Norton 360 suite

  • Cupertino (CA) - Symantec is throwing almost every security tool it can find into its new Norton 360 suite which contains antivirus, antispyware and antiphishing tools. The suite also has a firewall and a handy backup utility that can even shoot files to the Internet.

    Norton 360's regular antivirus tools are augment by the company's SONAR or Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response which, according to Symantec, gives real-time protection against new malware and viruses. The suite also includes a antiphishing filter that has blacklists and integration into Internet Explorer 6 and other browsers.

    But Norton 360 isn't just about anti-this or anti-that because it includes a backup utility that can synchronize files to internal and external drives, CD burners, network shares and even the Internet. 2GB of online storage space is included with the suite and users can purchase an extra 5GB for $30 a year. Symantec is also offering power users 10GB for $50 and 25GB for $70 a year. Norton 360 will synchronize new or changed files either on demand or through a customized schedule. Files sent to the online backup space will be encrypted.

    Users of the venerable Norton Systemworks suite will be familiar with the tuneup functions of 360. The suite will remove unnecessary files in the Windows Temp, Internet Temp and history folders. It will also defragment drivers and throttle applications according to CPU usage.

    Norton 360 will available at retailers in March for $80. The software will work on Windows Vista and XP machines.