Mobile ESPN comes back through Verizon

  • New York (NY) - After a failed specialty cell phone service that was owned and operated by ESPN, the mobile sports service is making a comeback, this time as part of Verizon's V Cast entertainment package.

    The deal, which is expected to be finalized today, gives Verizon a multiyear deal with ESPN as the exclusive mobile provider of the sports channel's score tickers, on-demand video, and other exclusive features.

    The new partnership comes as Verizon is working on a deal with wireless technology firm MediaFLO to offer an entire live TV service of up to 20 channels.  According to the Associated Press, ESPN is on tap to be one of the flagship channels in the new service.

    When ESPN announced the closure of its mobile service in September, it was expected that a repackaged version would find its way to Sprint, which lended its EVDO network to ESPN when it was still an independent service.

    Other features on Mobile ESPN include news alerts, a mobile version of's fantasy sports platform, and customizable text and video feeds that focus on specific teams or sports.

    The service will be free to users who subscribe to V Cast, available for $15 a month or a daily fee of $3.  Mobile ESPN is planned to make its Verizon debut within the next few months.