25 minutes to boot - Geek Squad warns of Vista first bootup times

  • Culver City (CA) - Some early Vista users and even experienced technical support personnel are experiencing installation problems with Microsoft's newest operating system. Geek Squad employees at local Best Buy stores are handing store customers a paper "Public Service Announcement", warning of long waits during the first boot-up times. Some customers have already damaged their hard drives by turning off their computers during the boot.

    Geek Squad Vista PSA

    Geek Squad employees warned shoppers that computers could take up to 25 minutes to start up the first time after and install and to not mistake the delay for a crash. Their announcement reads,

    "Please be patient while your computer starts for the first time. It may take up to 25 minutes, and your may see blank screens. Do not turn off your computer during this process. Doing so could cause major damage to your hard drive."

    Of course, such problems could be a goldmine for Best Buy's Geek Squad. The technical support group, famous for driving Black and White VW Beetles, charges for initial computer setup and troubleshooting.

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