Alienware offers notebook with overclocked Core 2 Duo processor

  • Miami (FL) - Alienware today announced a "special edition" of its Area-51 m5700 notebook. The system does not look different that the normal m5700, but can be equipped with a few goodies that are only available for this model, the manufacturer said.

    Pricing for the base model starts at $1300. A Core 2 Duo T7600 processor overclocked to 2.66 GHz will add $800, a 1920x1200 pixel display $200, 2 GB of memory $430, a 200 GB hard drive $270, a Blu-ray drive $600 and an ATI X1900 graphics card another $350, which elevates the bottom line to nearly $4000.

    However, a comparable model offered by parent company Dell makes the special edition m5700 look like a bargain. An XPS1710 with similar features, with the exception of an Nvidia mobile 7950 GTX graphics chipk, a 160 GB hard drive and an ovcerclockable T7600 processor checks in at about $100 more than the Alienware computer.

    However, only the Dell can be equipped with up to 4 GB of memory, which is currently offered as a $1600 (533 MHz) or a $2800 (667 MHz) option.