Sparkle overclocks Nvidia's 8800 graphics chips

  • Chicago (IL) - Graphics card vendor Sparkle today said that it has released the "world's first overclocked Geforce 8800 GTX and GTS graphics cards." Compared to the specifications of Nvidia's reference card with core clocks of 575 MHz (GTX) and 500 MHz (GTS) as well as memory clocks of 1800 MHz (GTX) and 1600 MHz (GTS), the Sparkle cards arrive with 630 MHz and 560 MHz cores and 1960 MHz and 1720 MHz memory.

    Pricing has not been announced.

    To our knowledge, Sparkle's "Calibre P880+/P880 OC Edition" graphic cards aren't the first overclocked 8800 cards to become available. At least the triple-X cards from XFX preceded Sparkle with 630 MHz and 550 MHz cores and 2000 MHz and 1800 MHz memory. One of our readers recently informed us that the XFX cards are available in the channel and, according to Froogle listings, are currently selling for bout $500 (GTS) and $650 (GTX).