Opera to browse on Samsung cellphones

  • Oslo (Norway) - Opera, the rising star in the world of specialized Internet browsers, today announced that it has scored a contract with cellphone unit of Samsung to include the mobile browser in its future set of 3G phones.

    Most phones that are capable of handling Internet browsing leave users messing around with clunky interfaces that do not work well with the small screen and limited control functions. Opera has won praise for its intuitive look and feel.

    "Our strategies in working closely across the board with major handset manufacturers, operators and directly with end users have made Opera Mobile an attractive product. We're proud that Opera Mobile is today's choice for Web browsing on the latest Samsung mobile handset because of its winning user experience and form factor adaptation," said Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner.

    Opera has a browser for desktop and notebook computers, but most of its acknowledgement has come from its mobile browser, as well as for other specific platforms. It is the name behind the browser for the Nintendo DS handheld, as well as the Wii browser, which will be available for users to preview beginning tomorrow.

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