More than 1.25 million people sign up for DSL each week

  • A new study shows that worldwide 1.25 million people are signing up for DSL every week and that the total number of subscribers has hit 173 million. The study also shows that there are more than 263 million broadband customers which include cable, fiber to home and other technologies.

    The study was done by market research firm Point Topic and tracked subscriptions for twelve months till the end of September 2006. It showed that DSL is the most popular broadband service weighing in at 65.6% of the total broadband share. This dominance is especially significant in Europe where DSL makes up 82% of all broadband services.

    Numerically China has the most DSL subscribers with 34.9 million connections with the United States following in the number two spot with 24.4 million subscribers. Japan, Germany and France round out the top five. If you include all broadband connections, China and the United States flip for their positions to become number two and number one respectively.