New 3G Motorola RAZR phone coming down the pipe

  • Motorola has just released photos and electrical testing information for electrical certification to the Federal Communications Commission. The upcoming 3G RAZR V3xx phone has an FCC ID of IDHT56GN1 and appears to work with Cingular's high-speed data network.

    According to the photos, the phone has a 1.3 megapixel camera with an 8X digital zoom. It also has signal strength indicators for EDGE and GPRS connectivity. The draft user's manual contains several references about access Cingular's video service.

    Companies must submit photos, user manuals and electrical test information for FCC certification a few months before the product goes to market. The tests must show that the product doesn't produce harmful levels of electrical noise and that it doesn't interfere with other devices. The FCC filings have been a good place to find sneak peeks of upcoming products.

    Millions of phones in the Razr line have been sold and Motorola says it is the most popular clamshell phone on the market.