Publish pictures and view RSS news with Opera Mini 3.0

  • Mobile phone users are getting a new Opera Mini browser that can publish pictures and grab RSS news feeds. Opera Mini 3.0 is Opera's latest version of the free browser and should work with most web-enabled phones. Among the browser's more notable features is the photo sharing capability within the browser and the RSS news feeds which can be sorted by date or source.

    Users can publish photos by clicking the "Photo blog" option in the Bookmarks menu. Users can then snap pictures and send them to their favorite blog, forums or email. With a little tweaking, pictures can also be sent to Flickr and social networking sites like MySpace. Previously, mobile phone users had to open up separate applications to upload their pictures to the web.

    Some other noteworthy features are secure web browsing for confidential and financial sites along with content folding. The browser will show a grey padlock in the upper corner when browsing to a secure website. Certificate details for the website can be viewed by going to the Menu and Page Information page.

    Content folding automatically collapses long vertical menus which reduces the amount of aggravating scrolling. Users can click a small plus sign next to uncollapse the menu.

    You can download the new Opera Mini browser to your phone by entering your mobile phone number on Opera's webpage. An SMS message with a download link will then be sent.