Microsoft muscles into the client security market

  • Redmond (WA) - Symantec's and McAfee's worst nightmare has arrived. Microsoft has launched a beta version of their Forefront Client Security solution which fights spyware, viruses and rootkits. The software is aimed towards corporate customers who need a management server along with client protection.

    Adventurous and brave beta testers can evaluate Microsoft Forefront beta now. You will need to set up a Windows Live ID to access the 56.2 MB installation file. Afterwards you'll need to install SQL Server if you plan on using the server-side functions.

    Forefront aims to take market share away from famous anti-virus vendors like Symantec, McAfee and Sophos. Those companies have offered stand-alone computer protection along with Enterprise "Corporate" server management consoles for years. These consoles track anti-virus problems throughout the entire company and also serve out virus definition updates to computers.

    Microsoft also plans on offering Forefront Security for Exchange Server. The major anti-virus vendors already offer mail server resident programs.

    Forefront Client Security will be offered under a subscription plan and Microsoft will announce specific pricing later. Forefront is set to be released on June 2007.

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