Business Vista, Office slated for November 30

  • Redmond (WA) - Barely meeting the announced November release date for the business versions of Office 2007 and the operating system Windows Vista, Microsoft has confirmed that the two software products will be released on 30 November.

    Windows Vista, Microsoft's next generation operating system, was originally planned to be released in November for everyone, but it was delayed early this year and given a January 2007 target. Despite rumors that it would get pushed back even further, Microsoft maintains the January 2007 release date for the home user versions of Vista.

    Microsoft Office 2007, as the companion software suite to Vista, also was originally slated for the end of 2006, but got pushed back to next year as well.

    Retail pricing for Vista ranges from $200 - $400, with upgrade discounts of $100 to $140 for those who have valid copies of previous operating system software. Office 2007 is priced between $149 for the student edition to $679 for an "ultimate" package.