Wiquest wireless USB adapter earns FCC certification

  • ALLEN, TX - Fabless UWB semiconductor company Wiquest Communications today announced that its wireless USB external adapter reference design has been approved by the FCC.

    The company said this is the first commercial product, based on the Certified Wireless USB specification from the USB Implementers Forum, to earn FCC certification for both outdoor and indoor use. The certification is to FCC Part 15 Section 15.519 for hand held UWB systems operating in the unlicensed 3.1 GHz to 4.8 GHz frequency band.

    Wiquest's wireless USB external adapter is a highly-integrated reference design that provides wireless USB high-speed capabilities, up to 480 Mbps, for traditional wired USB devices. The adapter uses Wiquest's WQST110 / WQST101 chipset. Both the reference design and WQST110/101 chipset are shipping now. Pricing was not given.