Wilson Cellular shows of cellphone signal booster in a box - video

Posted by Humphrey Cheung

Los Angeles (CA) - At the CTIA Wireless convention in Los Angeles, Wilson Cellular showed us its mobile phone repeater kit that can add up to 3 watts of power to a phone signal. The kits contain amplifiers, antennas and enough battery power to give 12 hours of talk time. Company representatives showed off the kit in the following video.

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Wilson Cellular representative, Bruce Clark, said the kits are housed in a rugged case and are meant for law enforcement, fire or search and rescue personnel operating in remote areas. The kit boosts the signal coming from the user's mobile phone with both amplifier power and antenna amplification. Setup only takes a few minutes, according to Clark, and users just need to "lock on" the antenna to the closest mobile phone tower. Clark said that both omni-directional and longer range yagi antennas are offered.

Wilson Cellular sells their mobile kits for around $600 to $700.

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