Sierra Wireless shows off USB-based wireless broadband card - video

  • Los Angeles (CA) - Mobile high-tech workers can't always stop by a wireless hotspot to get an Internet connection. In coming months, carriers will be widening coverage while offering faster, almost wire-speed, service to phones and laptops. Sierra Wireless will make several new laptop adapters and showed them off at the CTIA Wireless convention. Company officials demonstrated an EVDO and HSDPA card and even gave us a sneak preview of an upcoming USB-cradled WWAN modem.

    Sierra Wireless will sell a new EVDO Revision A card for Sprint subscribers. With the card, users will be able to get 400 to 700 kb/s and bursts up to 2 Mb/s. Sierra Wireless representatives also showed us the upcoming Aircard 875 for Cingular's HSDPA network which speeds along at 1.8 Mb/s.

    Sierra Wireless also showed us a prototype USB WWAN modem. The modem is about the size of a Zippo lighter and normally sits in a cradle, but can be detached and plugged directly into a USB port. Sierra Wireless plans on releasing an EVDO version first and an HSDPA one next year.

    The cards will usually be purchased their the user's wireless carrier and service will run about $50 to $80 per month.