Nvidia chips speed video decoding on mobile phones - video

  • Los Angeles (CA) - Mobile phones are now able to show smooth, high-quality video thanks to Nvidia's mobile graphics chips. The Nvidia GoForce 5500 chips can decode full-length movies and television shows in H.264 format. At the CTIA Wireless convention in Los Angeles, Nvidia representatives showed us just how good the video can look. See for yourself in the following video.

    Other countries in Europe and Asia (notably Korea) have been watching high-quality mobile phone video for months. Nvidia showed us one phone that was released in Italy, just before the World Cup soccer tournament. The phone was decoding H.264 video from an over-the-air DVB-H stream. Company reps said the hardware decoding can even reduce overall power consumption because normal mobile processors aren't efficient at video.

    But when can United States residents get the same technology? Nvidia showed us the upcoming HTC Forseer phone that will be selling here in the fall.