TG Video: D-Link shows off small two-bay NAS device with big features

  • Los Angeles (CA) - D-Link has released a small external storage enclosure with some big features. The DNS-323 not only holds two SATA drives, but also includes a built-in FTP server, print server and Gigabit Ethernet. D-Link representatives showed off the enclosure and talked about several other interesting features in the following video.

    At the Showstoppers pre-CTIA show inside the Wilshire Grand Hotel, George Cravens with D-Link told us that the DNS-323's chassis is made of aluminum which adds some stability and helps dissipate heat. "It's got some heft to it. It's not some footsie plastic case," said Cravens.

    Up to two SATA drives can be hot-swapped into the enclosure and the drives are in RAID 1 (Mirroring) mode by default. Raid 0 (Striping) or separated drives can also be configured. Cravens pointed out that users can simply pop in drives without messy interface or power cables.

    The back of the DNS-323 has a USB port, Gigabit Ethernet port and a power port. Cravens told us that the device can act as a print server for USB printers. He also pointed out the variable speed fan in the back that has a temperature alarm. The box automatically shuts down if the temperature gets too high.

    The D-Link DNS-323 is available now for about $200.

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