D-Link releases Securespot all-in-one security appliance

  • D-Link wants to end all of your virus and SPAM troubles with its new Securespot appliance. The palm-sized box, which fits in between your router and Cable/DSL modem, promises to stop viruses, spam, popups and other nasty malware coming into your network. Parents can even control their children's Internet access times through a web-based control panel.

    While Securespot usually sits between the router and modem, the unit can be directly connected to laptops or single computers. Both Windows and Macintosh operating systems are supported and users can configure the device through a web interface. Securespot automatically updates its SPAM lists along with virus and spyware definitions

    Parents have a variety of features to monitor and control their children's Internet use. Keywords and websites can be blocked and monitored. Suspicious and unknown email addresses can be filtered out. Instant messaging and peer to peer programs can also be blocked.

    Securespot has an MSRP of $100 and includes one-year licenses for up to four computers. Additional licenses are $20 each. After the first year, licenses for up to four computers will cost $80

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