Organize thousands of your photos with Adobe's Lightroom Beta

  • San Jose (CA) - Do you find it hard to edit and organize all your RAW and JPG pictures? Adobe has released a beta version of their Lightroom application for Windows that promises one touch rotation, tagging and editing of photos. Lightroom had previously only been available to Macintosh users.

    Lightroom's main window

    Adobe is aiming Lightroom at professional photographers, like wedding or model photographers, who need to quickly edit and show off many photos. Users can quickly preview photos and create quick slide-shows, something wedding photographers often need when meeting prospective clients. Many of the functions like rotating and rating of pictures can be done with a single click of the mouse.

    One-click rotation and rating

    We tested out Lightroom by downloading it from the Adobe website. While it can handle JPG files, its true strength lies in processing RAW camera files. All camera companies have their own proprietary RAW format, but Adobe claims to handle most of them. You can perform common editing tasks like changing the exposure or the saturation, but Lightroom's focus is on presenting and organizing photos. The look and feel of the program is similar to Adobe's Bridge program which is included in newer versions of Photoshop.

    Editing menu

    Lightroom beta is available for free for both Windows and Macintosh machines. Testers must providetheir email address and then select a 7 MB barebones install or a much larger 113 MB version with sample content.

    Adobe says the final version will ship in late 2006. Pricing has not been announced.

    External article:
    Luminous Landscape has posted an impressive overview and tutorial of the Lightroom software. It is Mac specific, but many of the features are the same as the Windows version.