Small percentage of people watching video on their mobile phones and iPods - report

  • Knowledge Networks, a Menlo Park-based market research firm, has released a study that claims 50% of those who subscribe to video cell phone services actually watch video. The report titled How People Use Mobile Video studied mobile video usage on mobile phones, iPods and laptops and surprisingly concludes that only three percent of the 13 to 54 year old broadband population actually have used their phones and video iPods to watch video.

    Knowledge Networks found that about half the people who subscribe to the three major mobile video providers actually use the service. This is surprising because users pay extra for the video service. In addition to mobile phones, the report finds that 30% of video iPod users actually use their iPods for video.

    Price seems to be a major factor in watching video and the report claims that 88 percent of people are willing to watch a commercial in exchange for a free video.

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