Seagate offers 1 TB NAS device for homes and small businesses

  • Seagate Maxtor is offering a new network storage device that can hold up to 1 TB of information.

    The Maxtor Shared Storage II device has a Gigabit Ethernet connection and has two USB 2.0 ports for connecting flash drives or additional hard drives. The Shared Storage II uses two hard-drives which can be mirrored for data protection.

    Like other consumer network storage devices, the Shared Storage II drive can have public and private folders. It also features "Drag and Sort" which automatically sorts picture, music and video files. Users simply drag the files into a desktop icon.

    The previous Shared Storage device, released last year, used a single hard drive and had a maximum capacity of 300 GB. You can read Tom's Networking's review on it here.

    The Shared Storage II drive will ship later this month for $900

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