Dell recalls 22,000 notebook batteries

  • Round Rock (TX) - Dell and U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission today recalled about 22,000 notebook batteries that can overheat and pose a fire risk. The batteries were sold in 18 notebook models of the Inspiron, Latitude, Precision and XPS Gen 2 series.

    According to the manufacturer, the batteries were sold between October 5, 2004 through October 13, 2005. The company said that a total of three cases of overheating were reported, which involved damage to tabletops and desktops.

    The recall covers the Latitude models D410, D505, D510, D600, D610, D800 and D810; the Inspiron models 510M, 600M, 6000, 8600, 9200, 9300 and XPS Gen 2 as well as the mobile workstations M20 and M70. According to Dell the batteries in question came with notebooks, but were sold as optional secondary batteries for prices between $99 and $179 and were sent to customers as part of service calls.

    Dell did not release a range of serial numbers of the recalled batteries, but advised customers who could have bought a device with a defective battery to have the identification number ready when contacting Dell for a possible replacement. The number is printed on a white sticker stamped on the battery.

    The website of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission published images of the recalled batteries to assist Dell notebook owners to determine, if their batteries are affected.

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