Honda forced to cough up $9,867 over hybrid mileage claims

Last month, we reported that Southern California resident Heather Peters had filed a suit against Honda in small claims court.

Steve Jobs and Neil Young were rockin' in the free world

Classic rock legend Neil Young has confirmed that he and the late Steve Jobs were working to create a new audio format.

Behind the scenes with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

It sounds like a really goofy idea: take the live of Abraham Lincoln, often cited as the greatest US president, and throw in some vampires.

EFF challenges government to prove it needs more surveillance

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has filed a suit against three government agencies, aiming to challenge their assertion that 'back doors' should be incorporated into all communications systems for security reasons.

Sprint on Nexus One: No thanks

Sprint today crashed any hopes of a CDMA version of the Nexus One in the US. Following the same decision as Verizon, Sprint will not be offering service to its own version of Google's in-house-developed phone.

In Memoriam: The First Great Tech Journalist

Guy Kewney, one of the first and best technology journalists, passes away.

Father of iPod, iPhone leaves Apple

After nine years with Apple, Tony Fadell, who helped envision and create the iPod and iPhone, has formally left the company. He will now be an all-around adviser to tech companies around the world.

No more iPads until April 12

If you haven't already placed your order for an iPad, it is now impossible to get one of the Apple tablets on its launch date next week.

Pre-orders for iPad already total a quarter million?

There's still a week to go before the iPad makes its retail debut, but the sales tally is already in the hundreds of thousands, according to a new report.

Apple bites away at video game share

Just a couple years ago, mobile phone games hardly made a blip on the radar, but the amount of the video game pie that the iPhone is getting has increased five-fold in the span of just one year.

Apple iPad is most wanted e-reader, but it's not a runaway

More people are seriously considering buying an iPad within the next 3 months than any other e-reader device, but not by much. While 15% are planning on buying an iPad, 14% say they want a Kindle.

Something rotten in Apple's app store

 Apple is certainly seeing the fruits of its labors with its popular iPhone, but some believe there is something profoundly rotten with the firm’s app store, and that if the problem isn’t remedied, people could begin losing patience and switching to other devices.

Steve Jobs claims Adobe Flash is a CPU hog

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has reportedly stepped up his war of words against Adobe and its widely used Flash platform.

Google Buzz Kill: too much, too often

Google's Buzz is yet another product that gets thrown out by Google, and takes the Internets by storm only to fall short. Or does it? No one really knows how well Google does outside of search. It ain't no Microsoft or Facebook or Yahoo so, who is it?