Beats: What did Apple buy for $3 billion?

Today, Apple officially welcomed Beast into the company fold.

IT budgets set to rise, but not much going for recruitment

IT spending more on new tech to manage the likes of BYOD, rather than employing new staff members.

Twitter just as white and male as the rest

Twitter has just released their diversity numbers and like Yahoo, Google, Facebook and Linkedin their workforce is predominantly white males.

Revisiting Google founder’s take on 40-hour work week

As we reported yesterday, Google’s Larry Page and co-founder Sergey Brin, proposed that perhaps it is time to rethink the 40-hour work week.

Amazon employee goes to Google and gets sued right back

Zoltan Szabadi worked at Amazon and then he didn't. Now Amazon wants to sue him for violating the terms of a non-compete agreement in his contract.

LinkedIn digs deeper into recruitment with dedicated app

40% of LinkedIn users are mobile. And a lot of them are on the career development merry-go-round. Now they have an app all their own.

Tesla takes a stand against patent trolls

Elon Musk likes to be the maverick and now he is willing to look the other way if other companies choose to use Tesla's patents.

FBI considers hiring stoned hackers

Apparently the FBI is mulling over the idea that they might have to start hiring hackers who smoke pot to help them in their efforts to fight cyber criminals.