Another take on Google’s evil search manipulation

TGDaily's Rob Enderle had some thoughts about how to deal with Google's 'evil' search manipulations, I respectfully disagree.

Yelp shows first ever Q2 profits

For the first time since its market debut in 2012, Yelp has recorded a quarterly profit that saw share prices rise by 4 cents at the end of trading.

Yelp adds video capability for reviews

Yelp reviewers will be able to add 3-12 second videos as well as images using a new iOS app. Android version coming along soon.

Foursquare willing to ditch one demographic for another

It could be a genius move or a "pivot" wrapped up in a turnaround, but Foursquare is splitting its app into 2, taking its original viral features and putting them into something called Swarm. Foursquare got big because it was a sort of mobile social game of tag. You checked in to physical locations, hooked up with friends, and there were all kinds of gamification rewards for being active on the app. Now, the company is moving those very same features into a new app called Swarm and making Foursquare a very direct competitor to Yelp and, to some extent, Google for local search. We spend a lot...