Snowden’s revelations scares people from doing research on terrorists

Following revelations made by Edward Snowden, Wikipedia traffic to pages about terrorism groups has reduced.

Are Governments manipulating Wikipedia to deny climate change

Wikipedia a victim of political edit-wars

Wikipedia founder brands 'right to be forgotten' censorship "immoral"

The founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, has branded the EU’s Right to be Forgotten ruling as a “deeply immoral” censorship and dangerous step towards the “sanitisation of human knowledge.”

Monkey business costs photographer $16,800

British photographer wants monkey to be considered his assistant and copyright reverted back to him.

Wiki publishes Transparency Report

Wikimedia has published their first Transparency Report detailing requests for information about individuals and takedown requests.

iOS finally gets native Wikipedia app

A month after the launch of the Android app, iPhone users now have a native app for the online encyclopaedia which boasts upgraded features and the promise of further updates.

Government trolls banned from Wikipedia

The U.S. Congress may not be able to get much done, but apparently there’s one task they have no trouble performing – editing Wikipedia articles.