Sneak previews and lousy internet - Life on the Space Station

Asked what's the hardest thing to do in space, Scott Kelly answered :Use the toilet

Mysterious time travelling Tweet sent 18 years before Twitter even launched

Amiga World magazine was way ahead of its time

Let’s turn off the Internet

The Internet is evil and must be stopped.

Game of Thrones Hits Another High

Another ratings record broken

The anonymous troll

One of the key elements of trolling or any kind of hateful posting is anonymity.

Twitter tries to tackle trolls

Twitter is attempting to curtail the occurrence of cyber-bullying, trolling and promoting violence against others by implementing new policies.

We are the customer and the commodity

Privacy is a big deal these days yet we give it away every time we log in.

#TMI – Is Twitter giving users 2 much info?

Twitter just announced that their analytics are now available to all users not just advertisers, but is that too much information?

Hacktivists Lizard Squad hit the games universe online

DDoS attacks on PSN, Twitch and Tumblr as well as many others.